Alterations & Repairs

From the lengthening or shortening of your favorite pants to a complete re-tailoring of a special suit or dress, we are here to help.

Slacks or jeans may need zippers tacked down or buttons reattached. Coats and jackets often need a pocket stitched or a zipper replaced. Lost weight? Gained weight? Those favorite jeans just not fitting the same anymore? Not to worry! We can help you with expert alterations.

We do everything from minor repairs to custom fittings including leather and suede.

  • Adjust hems
  • Adjust sizes (let in or let out seams)
  • Adjust waists
  • Apply patches
  • Button attachments, replacements, or resets
  • Rips or tears (if repairable)
  • Taper pants
  • Torn or detached seams
  • Turn or taper shirt collars
  • Zipper replacements
Our Location

Come on in, and we will be happy to show you why our customers stay with us for years!