Dry Cleaning

We understand the importance of always looking your best whether it be in a casual or professional setting.  We want to ensure that you look your best, regardless of what life throws your way. As a Master Dry Cleaner, your clothes will be cleaned with a pure, high-quality cleaning solution that preserves the color and texture of your garments.

Our dry cleaning process provides your clothing with a soft finish, keeps fabrics looking new longer, and extends the life of your garments.

Many fabrics, including wools, polyesters and silks, cannot be cleaned effectively by soap and water cleaning. They may even be damaged by these methods. You can rest, assured, that we will clean your valuable fabrics to remove any oils or grease and avoid shrinkage and other damage.

Stains? No Problem!

Before dry cleaning, we pay special attention to stains. Our specially trained staff will carefully spot clean any stains, giving your garments the best possible care. We understand the strength of our cleaning solutions as well as the tolerance of your garment. This complete understanding helps to prevent potential damage, that is often caused by lesser experienced cleaners.

The dry cleaning process is very complex and includes many different stages that require professional training and expertise. Our staff has been trained and educated in all these areas and will provide your garments with the high-quality cleaning treatment you deserve.

Rush Service – In by 10, out by 5!

In a hurry? Rush service is available for regular dry cleaning Monday through Friday! Simply get your items to us before 10:00 am and they will be ready same-day by 5pm.

Specialty items and heavily soiled garments will need more time and care.

Our Location

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