Wedding Gowns

Your wedding gown is one of the most valuable clothing items you will own in your lifetime! The memories of that special day are even more valuable, and should receive the utmost care and safekeeping.

1. Professional Tailoring

Our expert staff is on hand to make any alterations necessary for your special gown. We can replace buttons and zippers, and raise or lower hems.

2. Hand Cleaning

Conway Dry Cleaners & Shirt Laundry hand treats and cleans each wedding gown individually. We take every precaution to protect delicate beads, embroidery, and lace during the cleaning process.

3. Stain Removal

Wedding gowns are commonly stained by soda, sugar, perspiration and other body oils. These stains often dry clear and cannot be seen. They are not removed by regular dry cleaning processes, and can deteriorate fabrics and cause discoloration if left untreated. We use a unique anti-sugar stain treatment to ensure that these stains – seen or unseen – are removed.

4. Preservation

Once your gown has been thoroughly cleaned and restored, the final process of preservation may begin. We can place your gown in a premium quality box to protect it during storage. These specially-designed acid-free boxes will also prevent your gown from shifting when stored in any position.

Our Location

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